FFH – Families For Him!

Man’s religious traditions have created disagreement on “the right way” to worship our Heavenly Father. This ministry is fellowship focused with no hierarchical order. The Holy Spirit has called us (Greg & Lynette Conrad) to be the stewards of weekly gatherings focused on young families and individuals seated in groups. The goal is keeping families with their children in the same area throughout the gathering time both locally and LIVE online.

To be notified of weekly events, you can download the FFH app from Google Play and Apple App Store. You can also join our Facebook page: Facebook.com/FamiliesForHim

Location: Christ, The Prince of Peace UMC, 10507 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45252

Order of the Sunday Evening Gathering:
4:30pm – Praise Team Practice
6:00pm – Praise Team Music sharing many musical genres ~30 minutes

  • A family Message shared by Greg Conrad or guest speaker
  • Family/group activities creativity time based on the message heard. (The concept here is parents helping their children understand the message.)
  • Family/group activities sharing time
  • Prayers and Thanksgivings
  • Prayers and Thanksgivings lifted concluding with Communion
  • Special Music from Praise Team or Guest – any age (pre-screened with audio/video recording to Greg Conrad)
  • Invitation to Christ (altar call) and the receiving of Healing Prayer (laying of hands if the recipient is comfortable with that)
  • ~7:30pm – Closing time as led by the moving of the Holy Spirit

    Weekly Team Roles – (volunteers welcome):
    Communion Preparer(s)
    Media Person
    Activities Coordinators – We welcome ideas for each week!
    Praise Team
    Weekly Speaker to share family message/activities each week.

    Provided Refreshments:
    Individual bags of snacks.
    Sealed individual drink containers.

    CONTACT US – FFH@FamiliesForHim.org