Bible Reading First Time

We need to read our Bible daily to learn more about God and His ways for Matthew 6:33 says it best “But above all pursue His kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

“All these things” refers to our God providing our needs listed in the first part of Matthew 6.

Are you reading your Bible daily? If not, go to and choose a reading plan to keep you reading daily. It is all free and you can install it on a phone and listen to the Bible with the NLT and other versions. Just be sure you find a version of the Bible you can understand. Some like The Message version while others prefer the King James version. (I prefer the New Living Translation and the Robert Roberts reading plan.)

As you are reading the Bible daily, ask the Holy Spirit to breath upon the words you read and bring clarity and understanding.

If you have never (or rarely) read the Bible, please read the Book of James first as this is a short book and explains how Christians are supposed to live (draw closer to God). Read that book over and over until you fully understand it and then move on to the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John which all share their own perspectives on the impact of Christ Jesus when He walked this earth. From there, move to the book of Acts, Romans, Ephesians and more.

Receive His Peace, Love, Assurance, Healing, Freedom and JOY in Jesus’ Name!
Body, mind and spirit be HEALED in Jesus’ Name!
Thank You Jesus!
Praise the Lord!
Yay God!!!